Who we are

A people that believes in the other people


Padare-Enkundleni gathers stories of success and ideas that bring the same from all over the world. Our main point is to help promote often overlooked opportunities from lesser known places of the earth where brilliant ideas and breakthroughs sometimes dwell undiscovered. Our mission is to coordinate with all groups whose efforts fall in line with our vision, which is to help improve the livelihood of the rest of the world through exposure. We aim to publish articles regarding technological advances, collaborations, hacks, medicine, business and many more emanating from the developing world to the rest.

Target audience

Seeking to find others of similar mindsets


In our mission, everyone is a partner, provided their main aim is to connect and promote the discoveries of the world to the world. The known world today dominates those who otherwise live in its shadows, those who live in the developing world where plenty of ideas and innovations abound. In our aim of relaying ideas, we seek to work with organizations such as governments, learning institutions, media, institutions of commerce and individuals who create and invest in creations all for the benefit of the rest of the world. Our goals include exploring and exposing as well as celebrating all ideas, big and small .