Common traditional medicine that can help heal the nation

As the nation(s) recovers, they need to ensure health to the people. We can talk about security, prosperity, the future and all else, but without health, it is as ironic and moronic an endeavor to even contemplate. That’s what we don’t really see when we are embroiled in bitter partisan squabbles and social media fame. A guarantee of health should be mandated by a government and it has to be relevant to its people. Take the Orientals for example, championing health for their nationals through the application of traditional methods developed by their people, for their people. The west follows suit, developing medicine for their people in the oriental pattern and the African follows the west, in most instances, frowning upon the traditional remedies that saw people being helped immensely in historic eras. There was a frowning upon of herbal and spiritual medicine by western medicine practitioners and western educated local ones as well. To this day, we inherited that philosophy, and when we can’t afford the expensive pharmaceutical drugs, we suffer and or die but the rich and corrupt, usually the officials in our governments frequent western health institutions at the taxpayers’ expensive, leaving everyone hanging out to dry. There is need to conserve all plants known to possess medicinal qualities and propagate them. Many western trained medical practitioners today appreciate the value of traditional remedies. There is a conspiracy making rounds that large pharmaceutical corporations do  not wish to see the development of traditional remedies and practitioners of this type of medicine die mysterious deaths that conspiracies attribute to them having something to do with the conglomerates’ hatred for these individuals. They say that there is not room for competition, the conspiracies. Some herbal practitioners like Dr Sebi have come out and attracted quite a big following by helping people plagued with modern diseases that are giving doctors a torrid time curing. The herbal approach to food is that of feeding the body with nutrients that ensure health, eliminate disease and aren’t a burden to the body when digesting among other things. The idea, according to Doctor Sebi is, for pharmaceutical companies to sell medicine and perpetuate illness so that they continue making money. His point of departure stems from the idea that modern medicine as we know and experience it, is European, developed by European scientists and thus, it can not properly heal and other race’s illnesses because the structure of its design does not conform to the for example, African biomineral balance which has it that there is only one disease in humans. This is quite contrary to the allopathic approach which does hold in its view that there are plenty illnesses that plague humanity. Further, he argues that the allopathic way of treating disease with chemicals is ungodly and hence, the need to revert back to the natural way of dealing with illness, by way of herbs. He tried to propose to Africa, that we could perhaps have a fighting chance against the scourges beleaguering the continent. Specifically, in one of his talks, he reveals that Doctor Parirenyatwa, then minister of Health in Zimbabwe refused to entertain his claim that he could help heal people afflicted with AIDS. He had earlier on made that claim and was arraigned before a New York court being acquitted at the end of the trial. He passed on in August of 2016.

This article is not to convince anyone to ditch their doctors, medicine or anything of that sort but to remind us that we could certainly make something out of our naturally available herbs. Africa is perhaps home to a wide array of different varieties of medicinal plants. In some parts of North America, there is a scant presence of these, having been replaced by genetically modified plants. The face of flora in these areas has been absolutely changed and it will take a very long time for restoration to occur, if any at all. There seems to be no concerted efforts to do so by anyone.

This should be a call to all interested, especially at this time when Zimbabwe and greater Africa is opening up to what I would call colonization 2.0, this time, voluntary invitation of multinationals and other investors with money to come and exploit everything as if they had no done so before. These companies usually lobby governments heavily to get what they want and make away with so much valued natural treasures leaving landscapes desolate. You have been warned.