Why African countries can’t sanction the west, or anybody?

Sanctions, a word  that’s become synonymous with the weak and powerless. Yes, I wrote it because there is a plethora of evidence to support this claim. There are big boys and little boys in the world arena and those brave enough to question this power structure are branded something, let alone sanctioned for being so uncouth. Others are killed like Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara as the world burns on its axis. The rest run to the big boys’ camps to be under their ‘protection’, with many dying even while doing so. It’s a world of business and whoever has the money, or the means to make it, gets to be propped on the pedestal. That is the reason banks can manage to ill-deal and throw the entire world into chaos and pain and only getting slapped on the wrist for being mischievous. Try calling a president names and see if your arm won’t be cut off in some places. In others, venture to speak against governments and you will be called unpatriotic. That’s why that someone ended up sighing and saying that patriotism is indeed the last vestige of the scoundrel. So what are these scoundrels up to? We know for sure that Belgians are benefitting from the Congos stolen wealth. The United States from the wealth generated by slave labor and England and France, where should I begin, they are swimming in ill-gotten wealth and noone dares question the queen or the sophisticates of Europe. The rest of you can grovel for visas and passports to be 100th class citizens in countries where you are totally disregarded and have to bend twice backwards in order to be considered anything similar to a human. What am I getting at? I am certainly piling claim after claim which makes no sense at all especially with no backing evidence. However, here’s a bit of evidence for my redemption, the sanctions map of the EU. Play around with it and you will see that none of the industrialized and especially European nations make the list, save for Russia the controversial one.

The main question that I have therefore is that, if the rest of the world knows that the western countries are not saints, and are rife with injustice and corruption, why not sanction them? There certainly has to be a way of living without having to be held at ransom by those with money because come what may, we already have been sanctioned and can’t be hurt twice. We know what it is to be sanctioned. Zimbabwe was sanctioned twice, once when the British transplants were being a genuine nuisance led by their leader Ian D. Smith and twice under Zimbabweans when they wanted to make something of their independence, led by the leader Robert G. Mugabe. South Africa was sanctioned in similar circumstances as the first Zimbabwe situation and are probably on a trajectory to be sanctioned again, if they reapportion land. This is just a question and I know it might look insurmountable a feat, but it certainly can be done setting the world on a new course for the benefit of the continent and all other undeveloped and developing countries.