Zimbabwe 2019 anti-Mnangagwa administration protests. January 25th, 2019.

In the spirit of solidarity with the rest of the Zimbabwean citizens at home and abroad, many Zimbabweans in the United States took to the Embassy of Zimbabwe in an attempt to convey a message of our displeasure with Emmerson’s Mnangagwa’s administration. The people are tired of the ongoing corruption, violence against innocent citizens and a perpetual failure to turn the economy around for the better. It seems like things are getting worse, and many people including those that took to the streets of Zimbabwe harbor the sentiment. Mnangagwa and his government on the other hand, has not been bothered lend an ear to the suffering masses. Instead, they blame rogues among the populace whom they say stole security personnel garbs and then took to the streets to abuse others, maiming and killing some while in actual fact, we know that the army was ordered to crackdown on protesters. Then there is the blame placed on the opposition and the list goes on. These are signs of a failing government, allocating blame to everyone except for themselves. Well, the protesters were served a cold dish of whatever the embassy had to give when Ambassador Ammon Mutembwa and his staff locked them out of the premises, refusing to come out and acknowledge their presence, let alone take the message that the protesters had for the president. The embassy at 1608 New Hampshire Avenue remained closed for the rest of the day. Some speculated that they did so because they were in mourning of a recently deceased nationally celebrated musician Oliver Mtukudzi whom the government awarded a hero status. Well, the flag was flying full mast, so that reason turned bogus, if at all they had been using it to avoid the people.

Some of the grievances brought to the fore included the following by many who attended and are opposed to the Mnangagwa regime including a Mr George Mahwende who wrote some of the following points:

The ZANU power structure has left people with no other alternative, thus, at this point, Zimbabweans have exhausted everything they could to try and change their lives in Zimbabwe.

Most recently, people voted overwhelmingly for the opposition party, MDC which many people believe they have been doing so in all the past elections since the inception of the opposition party. But due to the corrupt practices accompanied  violent outbursts of ZANU PF, in a bid to subdue the people and force upon them their unjust rule, they declared themselves winners over and again.

As of recent as last week, Zimbabwe has seen the illegitimate government crack once more, on a people pushed against the wall. Given the circumstances, protest was the most reasonable resort to express our discontent and dismay at notorious cruelty that this government has unleashed upon the poor populace. Fuel hikes, unrealistic as they are, taxation on every transaction and gross mismanagement of general wealth of the nation, for the benefit of those in charge, including the president and the vice-president have been one push too far. There is always a breaking point and this time people are absolutely and most definitely fed-up.

Emmerson Dambudzo   Mnangagwa and ZANU Pf party have failed to lead the country. He must resign with immediate effect. We say he is an illegitimate president because he stole the election. ED used ZEC and Con -Court to force himself onto the majority voters of Zimbabwe.

Emmerson Dambudzo  Mnangagwa is not serving  the will of the people but,  his own political interests hence  he is not listening to the citizens’ grievances.

More than 95% of eligible Zimbabweans are unemployed. Universities are churning out graduates every year, but  companies continue to shut down. A generation is doomed.

ED (Emmerson Mnangagwa) must stop blaming the opposition party for the country’s ills, civil unrest, and atrocities by his armed forces, caused by shortages and other failures. We and the whole world, the IMF, World Bank, and western countries all know that the corruption in Zane PF government, mismanagement, theft and commandeering  of resources has caused the country to go down on its knees. ZIDERA is not cause of sanctions and opposition parties have nothing to do with it.

We appeal through you Mr. Ambassador, to deliver our petition to Mr. Mnangagwa. We hope in the name of all people concerned with the human rights and other fundamental issues mentioned here, that Mnangagwa and his cronies will do the right thing and step down. We deserve progressive leaders who will take our country and the Zimbabwean people to greater heights.  Stripping citizens of their dignity, impoverishing them and intimidating them with the use of guns and bullets is inhuman and uncalled for. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and the whole ZANU PF system must make way for new leaders who have concern and love for the country of Zimbabwe and its people, not only to plunder the country’s wealth for their personal  enjoyment while the rest of the people live in abject poverty.

The message hopefully reached the president’s ears and in fact, he is already aware of the issues as he lives among the people who are airing these grievances, there is nothing new to him.